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Product Name Version Size Supported OS DOWNLOAD
All Photo Edit 2.4 27MB (25MB are image frames) Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10 (All 32bit/64bit) Click Here To DOWNLOAD

Version History

Version Release Fix/Changes/Updates
1.0 First Rlease
1.05 Improved performance of the image process engine
Improved interface
Fixed memory lick
1.10 Added TIFF Image format support
Fixed Potential incompatability issues with some jpeg formats
Correcting interface view on Windows XP (no service pack)
Memory optimization
1.15 Interpolator 'division by zero' crash bug
Much better resizing quality
Improved rotation detection in some image file types
1.21 Some bug fixing and could cause errors when processing images
1.22 Added new image formats support: 1) PNG 2) BMP 3) GIF
Added drag and drop support of a folder from Windows Explorer or desktop in Digital Image Auto Rotate & Edit Text box.
1.23 Some minor bug fixes
Better installation
Add Destination folder view
1.3 Added automatic border
Added automatic watermark
Added cancel option
Added new licenses
1.31 Fixed out off memory issue. Happens when using many over sized images.
Fixed bug that sometimes watermark won't function.
1.4 Major release.
Remembers last folder used.
NEW- Use your own image signture on the proccessed images.
NEW- Allow you to add multiple lines in the textual signture.
NEW- Added more resize resolutions.
NEW- Allows you to open the proccesses images folder automatically.
NEW- Works on 64Bit OS
Some minor interface fixes.
Some minor bug fixes.
2.0 Major Release.
NEW- Add builtin border frames to your images or use your own frame images. Digital Image Auto Rotate will automatically detect your custome frame size and border language and fit it to your images.
NEW- Add builtin border tiles to your images or use your own tile images.
NEW- New PREVIEW view to see the result before executing image processing.
FIXED: Fixed watermark text and image positioning (left and right was not a accurate)
FIXED- bug in transparency of watermark images on preview.
FIXED- Other minor bugs where fixed.
NEW- Improved image resize quality.
2.1 FIXED- Watermark with tile border or Style Border now shows up correctly inside PREVIEW window.
NEW- Print your photos with different print templates like Magnets, Postcard, etc..
NEW -Optional - Automatic rotate portrait images to landscape to correct image size. mostly useful for Magents printing.
NEW- Print preview.
NEW- Customized printing layouts. You can set our premade layouts with any resolution and it will store it for later use.
Reduced installtion size
NEW - NEW frame tiles images.
Some minor bugs.
2.12 FIXED- Now printing works correctly
FIXED- Messages and validation
FIXED - Better compatibility with windows 10
FIXED- Text Watermark now position it self much better.
FIXED- Settings UI
2.2 NEW- Preview mode. Now it uses your own modifed picture as a preview image
NEW- Preview mode allows you to enlarge images and see real time changes.
NEW- Added advanced cell (row/columns) based printing capability with perfect scaling. Great for business cards, magnets, postcards, photos, etc.
FIXED- Better settings UI
FIXED - Overall bug fixing
2.4 Many improvments and fine tuning
NEW- Watermark stroke effect
NEW- Resize watermater images
FIXED- Improved settings UI
NEW- Software name changed to All Photo Edit from Digital Image Auto Rotate & Edit

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