Rotate and modify your pictures in 1 click.

Powerful image modification software!



Capable to recognize automatically whether an image needs to be rotated or not (will rotate it automatcially to correct orientation!)


Batch process large amounts of images. You just have to select the folder that holds the images to be edited, and press a button to start the process.

Keep Original

Creates a copy of your edited image on a separate folder, keeping the original untouched. Test and experiement as much as you want.

Sign Your Photos

You can use a personalized text or an image file for the signature. Font, opacity, color and position on image are fully customizable.


Allowed to select the new size among a number of popular predefined resolutions or to type a fixed percentage

Powerful Bordering

From simple borders to amazing original built-in frames. Fits automatically to your photos to make them look awesome!

Print Different Layouts

Printing capabilities with different layouts for Magnets, Postcards, Contact cards (or your own customized layout).

Preview Yourself

If its images processing preview or printing preview. You can preview before actual printing or image processing!


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